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Top ex-US Inventors

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Name City Country Patents
Lee D. Whetsel Plano 311
Warren M. Farnworth Nampa 137
Salman Akram Boise 117
Anthony D. Kurtz Teaneck 113
Benjamin N. Eldridge Danville 95
David R. Hembree Boise 92
John E. Mercer Kent 91
Martin M. Liphardt Lincoln 86
Shunji Maeda Yokohama JP 83

Methodology Notes:
These maps show the proportion of patent inventors in each country since 2006.

Each inventor location is given fractional ‘ownership’ of a patent.

For example, if a patent has one US inventor, one French inventor, and two South African inventors, then South Africa receives .5 credit for the patent, and the US and France receive .25 credit each.

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